Daniël Tulp photography

About me

Self-portrait Daniël Tulp I started fiddling with photography at an early age, with my fathers Canon. Back then, the fascination was more focused on the technology, then the creative aspect. As I got my first photocamera I started capturing my life, holidays and the world around me and my fascination extended to the creative aspect of it.

With my first digital camera (Konika Minolta Dimage 7i) my horizon soon broadened itself and I started to investigate the more creative aspects of photography. During my studies Architecture, building and planning at the University of Eindhoven, inspiration came from my teachers and fellow students.

With an increased interest in architecture and nature photography, my camera was soon succeeded by a Olympus E-500. I build up a pretty decent kit with external flash and several lenses. With several workshops and courses my inspiration, effectiveness and skills grew and soon I found myself at the limits of my camera system. It took me long and hard, but I sold it, and am now working with a Nikon D80 and am just starting to build up my equipment once again. I haven't had one moment of regret.