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Welcome to my photography blog with news, updates and galleries: Urbanscapes, Architecture, Landscapes and Nature.
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Moved to new host
Panoramas added

News and updates

Moved to new host


I moved my website to a new host some time ago, but forgot to update a few things, so this website was offline for a while. But, now it is back!



Portraits have been added.

Panoramas added


Today I added the functionality of the panoramas to this website. Now you can watch the photos in detail while panning from left to right and back again. Thanks to John Hobbs from Velvetcoding for the panning script!

Alpine photography trip added


I finally added the photos from the hiking trip in the Austrian Alps, which I did in November this year with some buddies of mine. For now, the whole series is online.
Go check it out.

Easy links


This website now uses rewrite rules so you don't have to bother with URLs that have funny symbols in them.

Self-portrait added


For those of you who want to know who I am, I added a self-portrait to the 'about me' page of this website.

Content management system


For you as a visitor not that important, but I added an easy and simple content management system to my website (just plain and simple add, update and delete functionality and a MySQL database). Now I can keep you up to date and add links, more easily.

Links and menu changes


I added a links section to the website and have seperated the normal links in the menu, from the galleries, to provide you with more clarity as to 'what does what' on this website.

High resolution and contact form


A large portion of the images on my website and Flickr account have been updated with high resolution images. When you use the fullscreen mode in one of the slideshows, you'll see the difference. The final batch of updating will be done within a few weeks.
This website now has a contact form. Please use it if you wish to contact me.

New website online


The new website is online. Enjoy!